The Story of Paw Pro’s:

Kourtney McComb and Kristin Duax have been close friends since they were very young children. They have both always adored animals and have both owned, currently own and have frequently cared for pets of all types, shapes & sizes.

In the fall of 2003, following Kourtney's graduation from Drake University where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Kourtney and Kristin were looking to try something new; they wanted to start a business together. Although, not just any business; a business that they would enjoy and feel proud of. What first came to mind was their love for animals. Although becoming veterinarians was the first idea that came to mind, it was not an option for either of them at that time.

Their next idea came from a need they had both experienced with their own pets~Pet Sitting! They had both thought of times when they were out of town or couldn't check in on their pets during the day due to work or other schedule conflicts and wished they had someone they could trust to care for their pets as they would. This led to the idea of providing this service for other people in the form of a business. From there, Paw Pro's was born!

Today, Paw Pro's is growing and expanding. Kourtney's mom, Kathy, has now taken over operation of Paw Pro's Iowa. Kourtney has established Paw Pro's Tennessee in the Nashville area & is assisted by two wonderful pet sitters-Jaime and Misty! Although Kourtney has now relocated and is very excited about establishing Paw Pro's in Nashville, she still helps to maintain and manage Paw Pro's Iowa with Kathy as well. Kristin is still a part of the Paw Pro's family but has been blessed to be able to be home with her children.

Even with growth and expansion, Paw Pro's continues to be a small, family owned and operated, quality business that truly cares for every pet placed under our supervision. Kourtney, Kristin and now Kathy have built an impressive client base of wonderful clients that continue to use their services on a regular basis. Their business sense, professionalism and quality, loving care for all of their clients has given Paw Pro's the first rate reputation that it deserves.

“Our client’s pets are such a huge part of our lives. Every pet that we visit gets as much love and attention that we give our own pets because they become part of our extended family! I could tell you each and every name and give you a description of all of our furry friends! They are all so important to us-both in and out of the business side of the relationship.”

-Kourtney McComb